Feb 19


Current Financing Negotiations – A Fresh Approach


Shareholders will be glad to hear that the company is taking a fresh approach to the current round of financing negotiations.

The present intention is to complete a non-dilutional, non-convertible $100,000 initial “proof of concept” tranche of debt to be repaid by royalty, from an expanding pool.  If this is implemented, it means that we will gain use of these funds on a basis that does not require fixed monthly amortization, but rather is retired in accordance with sales growth.  Furthermore, the royalty would be self-liquidating, not perpetual.  A feature of this plan under negotiation is that additional funds can be added to the pool without an increase in the royalty rate, so that the company can retain its viability.   These arrangements are not yet finalized, however they are emerging as a distinct possibility.  I therefore share this with you so that you are not guessing as to what solution we have in mind.

The goal will be to implement this in the short term as a bridge financing approach prior to the company being better situated for direct equity subscription.

The significance for our shareholders is that this demonstrates that the company has access to organically interested backers, and that together we are seeking alternative financing methods that align the interests of stakeholders harmoniously, rather than creating conflicts of interest.

I will admit that this is difficult.  Just ask anyone working on a Rubik’s cube.  It’s easy only after you have the solution. There is a solution for most challenges in life if sufficient goodwill, intelligence and determination are applied.

Picture - Winning Brands Financing Goal


Feb 19


Celebrating our Inventor Associates: DAZZ’s David Shahan


I look forward to helping America (and the world) discover the unique contribution that the DAZZ Cleaning Tablet revolution will make to spray cleaner convenience and environmental responsibility.  As our project advances, you will hear much more.  A social media strategy will be implemented through Winning Brands’ commercialization initiatives together with other measures to ramp-up business development.  DAZZ may be new to you, however Winning Brands has been preparing for this moment for quite some time.  Many updates are also available at https://twitter.com/WinningCEO


Picture - DAZZ Poster 1 - David with Bottles-01

Feb 16


Discover the happy vibe of DAZZ Cleaner (Video)


Share a little cleaning love with the one you care about….you may be DAZZled by their reaction!  When America discovers the happy vibe of DAZZ, a lot of good things will happen.



Picture - DAZZling Smile

Feb 15


DAZZ Available at Walmart.com


The following is a screen shot of some of the assortment of DAZZ Cleaner Tablets now available at Walmart online:  https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=DAZZ%20Cleaner&cat_id=0. This will be helpful to those who found that Amazon.com sold out today.  We have plenty of inventory, no problem.  We will replenish immediately.


Picture - DAZZ at Walmart

Feb 15


Picturing Waste Reduction – A Practical Example


To help illustrate the positive environmental impact of DAZZ™,  we show below a graphic to illustrate the reduction in net physical waste accomplished by moving from the paradigm of conventional packaging of pre-filled spray cleaner bottles to DAZZ™ ConcenTab™.

The graphic below shows what it looks like to warehouse and ship approximately 2,000 prefilled bottles of conventional cleaner.  People often forget that packaging includes not only the bottle itself, but also the packaging that has been consumed in transportation and through various stages of manufacturing and distribution, including raw materials.  Therefore, even this scale depiction is conservative because it shows only the finished packaging for distribution.

The beige colored boxes shown are on standard shipping pallets.  If you look in the lower front corner, there are two blue boxes.  They represent the amount of space required to hold an equivalent number of DAZZ ConcenTabs for mailing  The difference is dramatic enough for only 2,000 bottles.  Imagine the impact for America in its entirety, if DAZZ became the new norm in reducing and reusing cleaning packaging.  There are approximately 125 million households in America.  The typical household has many spray cleaner bottles running simultaneously.

Additionally, spray cleaners are used in business premises and in heavy industry.  The sheer physical quantities are vast.  The reduction of carbon use in transportation would be significant, as well as reduced electricity consumption and so many other metrics of conservation – all while delivering lower prices and increased convenience.


Picture - DAZZ compared to conventional - Volume



Feb 14


Opportunities in Chicago: 2018 Home and Housewares Show for DAZZ!

The DAZZ system of slashing plastic bottle garbage will be demonstrated at one of North America’s most important professional trade shows, the “Housewares” show in Chicago, in March.  Booth space is already reserved.

Our team will divide responsibilities between two key functions: A) Booth demonstrations  B) Scouring the exhibits themselves for contacts and openings, i.e. synergy.  Both of these tasks will be carried out simultaneously throughout the whole show so that we are not just “standing there” passively, waiting for opportunity.  We are going out and getting it!


Picture - DAZZ - International Home and Housewares Show




Picture - DAZZ Bathroom Spray Cleaner

The photos above are to scale.  It is remarkable how much storage space is saved, transportation cost, bottle garbage, carbon production AND THE CONSUMER’S  MONEY TOO.  These little ConcenTabs are a big winner.

You are looking at the future of product re-fills!  Ready for commercialization now through Winning Brands.

Feb 14


Winning Brands 2.0: What a Bright Future Looks Like



Picture - Winning Brands Joint Venture



A bright new future for Winning Brands is not only planned, but as of today, ACTIVATED!

A Winning Brands News Release issued today sets out not only an intention to launch the company’s first joint venture of our Innovators Community initiative, but also lays out the details of its commencement, effective immediately.  It describes the shared launch of a new product innovation that has the “right stuff” to make a dramatic impact on the brand landscape of North America’s spray cleaner market, and so much more.  The joint venture is now operational, as of today!


DAZZ™ Cleaner tablets, www.DAZZCleaner.com, using proprietary ConcenTab™ technology, is the most efficient refill system ever developed to help North Americans shift their habits from the “throw away society” toward reduction and re-use, while saving money and gaining convenience at the same time.  Most wonderfully of all, the DAZZ product line expands Winning Brands’ retail line-up without encroaching into the space of our current products.  1000+ Stain Remover concentrate is still just as terrific as a unified multi-functional stain remover star, but that does not address the entire market need.  Spray cleaners are the most popular category within the field. DAZZ has what it takes to become a household name in that category too – with a unique approach that can become widely appreciated.  Your company, Winning Brands, has the worldwide mandate to commercialize it.

Today’s news release provides all the details, and gives a thorough description of the positive impact of this development upon Winning Brands, the industry that we are in and society at large.  I invite you to read the news release in its entirety.  It is meaningful for our shareholders – all of it.

With this advance, Winning Brands emerges as a company whose perseverance is shown to be real, whose creativity is clear and whose dedication is unsurpassed.  Now, the formal launch of the DAZZ™ joint venture can be a source of pride to our friends and supporters and a source of inspiration to innovators everywhere showing the power of positive people to make great things happen.

There will be much more information to share with you in the coming weeks and months as developments pick up speed.  I express my deepest respect and appreciation to our many fine shareholders for your e-mails of encouragement during our most challenging periods and your interest in a brighter future together.  Today, we have taken a huge step forward.

To people who are not shareholders, I offer you this invitation – please help us to become a terrific company.  If you have a positive impact to make of any kind, we are open to continuous improvement and achieving great things that come from teamwork.  Whether you are consumer, a manufacturer, a retailer, an environmental steward, or an investment industry professional – my mission is for us to achieve the best version of ourselves and to share the benefits with those who help us to accomplish great things, together.

In the meantime, watch the United Nations show the problem that we will help reduce:

Reach out, aim high, let’s go for it!

Eric Lehner, CEO



Super-concentrated refill tabs by DAZZ are the most efficient ever developed for spray cleaners.

Picture - DAZZ ConcenTab 3-Shot




DAZZ CLEANER TABLET SYSTEM:  DAZZ dramatically reduces plastic waste by making it possible to keep your spray cleaner bottle for years. Just drop a replacement DAZZ ConcenTab™ into ordinary tap water and see its active-concentrate technology transform the water into a professional calibre cleaning solution before your eyes, without shaking or mixing.

Picture - DAZZ Activation V5




Self-activated DAZZ spray cleaners shown ready for use.

Picture - DAZZ Ready for Use V5




DAZZ starter kits provide consumers with a “permanent” re-usable spray bottle and initial DAZZ ConcenTab™ supply so that we can all stop throwing away empty spray bottles. DAZZ converts household tap water to a top quality spray cleaner for less than the cost of standard spray cleaners. DAZZ is a meaningful step for consumers who want to clean with a clear conscience and reduce the growing volume of America’s plastic waste.  www.DAZZCleaner.com

Picture - DAZZ Branded Reusable with tablet pouches V5


DAZZ is clip-strip ready to begin serious commercialization, in a variety of venues, effective immediately. Less space, less waste, lower prices – all with top-quality performance. What’s not to love!

Picture - DAZZ Clip Strip Ready.JPG




DAZZ is a space saving genius. You can hold the equivalent of dozens of spray-cleaner bottles in one hand. Consumers and retailers both benefit from all that extra space freed-up for other things!

Picture - DAZZ so many bottles can be held in your hand V5

Jan 28


Alternative Free-to-Store Shipping Option for 1000+ Stain Remover: DO IT BEST HARDWARE


There is a second hardware organization in America that our shareholders can support through their 1000+ Stain Remover purchases, DO IT BEST Hardware.  It is America’s second largest hardware cooperative with approximately 3,000 affiliated stores.  A store locator link is here: https://www.doitbest.com/store_locations  Not all Do it Best locations have 1000+ Stain Remover in stock, however they all participate in the FREE TO STORE DELIVERY PROGRAM for online purchases.  The link to make an online purchase of 1000+ Stain Remover through the Do it Best website is here:  https://www.doitbest.com/products/635646


Picture - Do it Best Website

Jan 27


Competitive in Our Peer Group! The Home Depot Algorithm


When the Home Depot online algorithm automatically creates a comparison chart in our product category, 1000+ Stain Remover compares favourably.

Whether by price/value, versatility or quality of reviews; 1000+ Stain Remover by Winning Brands has what it takes to become a household name in America from coast-to-coast!

There are millions of mess events in households and businesses around the country every day.  We are the “Reach for it First” solution when accidents happen.



Picture - 1000+ Home Depot Comparison Table

Jan 20


Further Comments: Reverse Split vs $2 Million Secured Private Placement Opportunity


Some shareholders have written to me asking whether I am committed to carrying out a reverse split.  The plain answer is no.  I would prefer not to and have taken no steps to initiate it.

My earlier comments characterizing a reverse split as “more likely than not” demonstrate integrity by being transparent on the subject, revealing the possibility and describing the circumstances under which it could be positive or less problematic..

The preferred option is to complete a private placement sufficient in size so that the firm can take initiatives that are now in the wings and actionable soon.  We have candidate joint ventures whose ability to project Winning Brands into new accounts and into new markets are both real and substantial.   My preference is that our shareholder group can benefit from this growth directly and simply by avoiding a reverse split.  Most shareholders also feel that these business developments are more likely to benefit them if they occur without a reverse split.

Sufficient capital is required for Winning Brands to be a reliable partner in the proposed joint ventures.

This CEO Weblog is recognized as a source of public disclosure under the SEC fair disclosure guidelines, as well as our websites, including www.InnovatorsCommunity.com   A key feature of the 2015 changes in the spirit of Regulation A is the concept of “testing the waters”.  This concept makes it permissible for firms to ascertain in advance what the interest would be in a direct capital placement, subject to proper SEC authorization prior to the acceptance of such funds.

Therefore, in this public venue, where no person is given improper advantage over another, I am confirming that the company would be willing to replace a reverse split with private placement,  As a practical matter, the aggregate amount that the firm would require in order for this to be a serious alternative is a minimum of $1 Million, although no single participant’s placement needs to be of this size.

For clarity, this communication does not constitute an offering, and is not in substitution of any regulatory procedure to give effect to same.  However, this communication does constitute an invitation for Indications of Interest, which are not in any way binding and have no effect whatsoever other than to inform the company whether it can begin to activate its new projects without a reverse split, for the benefit of all shareholders.

If you would like to be considered a candidate for a private placement, to be designed in conformity with all applicable regulations when the time comes, kindly send an e-mail to this effect to me at the e-mail address below.  I will acknowledge receipt of each such indication of interest.  In your indication of interest, please state what dollar figure you would consider.

If our shareholders include accredited investors with the capability to handle a larger amount on a repayable basis, one of our joint venture partners is prepared to provide collateral in the form of professionally appraised production equipment worth over $2 Million.  Such is the quality of our emerging relationships.  The positive impact of such an alternative financing upon Winning Brands would be dramatic.

The Winning Brands shareholder group represents a broad base of talent and networking.  If you have expertise by which Winning Brands can accelerate our growth, feel free to indicate same.

Ultimately a shareholder group is a community with a common interest – the success of their investment.  Today’s internet communication platform permits us to accomplish this together by sharing relevant ideas..  This “testing the waters” note from me is an example of how our shareholder community can benefit from this approach.  It also illustrates that the company takes its responsibilities to stakeholders seriously.



Dec 28


1st Step Back to Canadian Tire


This is a picture of 1000+ Stain Remover in an Ontario location of the Canadian Tire retail chain, December 15th, 2017. This location is first  in the national chain to bring in 1000+ Stain Remover on a Direct-Store-Delivery basis (DSD), as the first step in the return of 1000+ Stain Remover to this chain; an initiative that began in the last 30 days.

Canadian Tire is one of that country’s best known mass market retailers with approximately 500 locations and is iconic in Canada..  Winning Brands is targeting a return to Canadian Tire after a hiatus of 2 years, as part of Winning Brands’ comeback and growth plan.

DSD can be an intermediate step in gaining/re-gaining a national listing, when sufficient consumer demand materializes and the number of participating DSD stores achieves critical mass.  This is how 1000+ Stain Remover returned to a national listing at Home Hardware in Canada in December 2017.

This new Canadian Tire placement arises from coordination between Winning Brands and a distribution partner, who will assist implementing Winning Brands’ growth plans for the Canadian Tire account.  The initial DSD placement is always the most difficult because it requires corporate approval, despite being DSD.  Now, with this in place, the Canadian Tire initiative will be ramped-up.

Winning Brands appreciates the cooperation of all parties.  We are glad to see a growing number of points of sale emerging for consumers to buy 1000+ Stain Remover conveniently.

More information about Canadian Tire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Tire



Picture - 1000+ at Canadian Tire -  St. Catharines Dec 2017

Dec 27


Shareholder Question: Reverse Split?

From time to time shareholders will ask about the likelihood and timing of a reverse split.

The straight answer is that it is not really a question of “if” but rather of “when”.  What I want to avoid is a consolidated share price falling to pre-split levels again.  I have therefore exercised caution and discipline and have not yet taken such a step.  This is because it matters what happens after the split.

A post-split return to current price-per-share would happen if the company does not have new and substantial reasons for bottom line success, i.e. profitable new business activity that is either realized or foreseeable in practical terms.  Furthermore, such new business activity has to have a major upside, i.e. activity or deals that will make a profound positive impact on Winning Brands.   A second potential cause of a post-split share price returning to current levels would be if the company uses share issuance cash to merely pay overhead expenses, rather than using new funds mostly for new project purposes and building-up the company’s fundamental value; its real value based on what it has, what it is doing and its capacity to generate cash.

Those are the real facts of life that need to be stated plainly.

Therefore, the logical time to have a reverse split is when the company’s operational advancement justifies a higher valuation, objectively, in connection with verifiable major developments of a positive nature, that are substantial enough to make Winning Brands worth more after the reverse split than it was pre-split.

I know that the price of our stock could have increased over the past few months if I had declared that there will be “no reverse split”.  But that is not realistic and is even an insult to the intelligence of the many traders who are watching Winning Brands presently.  They need to be able to trust what I say.  That’s why this straight answer is important.  Anyone making an investment decision regarding Winning Brands should assume that there will be a time, sooner of later, when a share consolidation is necessary and desirable.  But they can also have confidence that it will take place in connection with developments that make Winning Brands much more valuable, inherently, and thus make Winning Brands stock price sustainable (and liquid) at new higher levels.

There are criticisms that could be made of how long it has taken for Winning Brands to reach its potential, but it is obvious and proven that Winning Brands is a legitimate enterprise, managed with proper motivation, with real products and terrific customer relationships.  In other words, the company has a good character and can be relied upon in matters of integrity.  What has been missing is the excitement and business action that public shareholders need to see in order to justify a solid, active stock,  whose price has the potential to reach and sustain increasing values.

Winning Brands’ Innovators Community is a giant of a concept, that is going to deliver operational activity soon.  www.InnovatorsCommunity.com  It has been carefully vetted by some very smart professionals who recognize its originality and its role in solving a real problem for inventors who fall between the cracks of the Shark Tanks of the world and conventional crowd-funding.  Innovators Community meets a need that is widespread and extremely valuable.  I know because inventors have been reaching out to me with a keen desire to become part of Innovators Community.  We have a waiting list of projects to commercialize through an adaptive network of experts.

In addition to this, our PINK Current Information tier is back.  Our operating losses have continued to decline year-over-year and our original core environmental cleaning products business is making a comeback.  There are now many positive factors at work for Winning Brands, possibly more than ever.

Investors have their own personal appetite for risk, and you place priority on differing aspects of a company’s circumstances.  I am proud and enthusiastic about our turnaround momentum and the good things that are coming.  Investors have a variety of ways in which to participate and positively influence the company’s success. Winning Brands thanks all interested parties for their contribution to this success, in their own way.  I am always glad to hear from you with questions, comments and suggestions.

In the meantime, I will keep building the business operationally and look forward to being able to make the announcements about substantial developments that will give us a steep growth curve and put us on our way to being a significant company, that will be widely known, and respected.

Eric Lehner, CEO


Dec 27


Thank you, Home Hardware!



Picture - 1000+ at Home Hardware


We thank the Home Hardware organization, with approximately 1,000 stores in Canada, for restoring the national listing of Winning Brands’ 1000+ Stain Remover, World’s Most Versatile Cleaning Solution™

Effective immediately, 1000+ Stain Remover is available to all Home Hardware stores in Canada through their internal national distribution system.  The recovery of this listing, after a hiatus of over one year, is a tremendous development to rebuild momentum for Winning Brands in 2018.  Over the past 1 1/4 years 1000+ Stain Remover had only been available to participating stores on a “direct ship” basis, which is less efficient by increasing costs and time lags.  A combination of factors, including popular demand, has enabled Home Hardware to restore full distribution privileges.  These privileges include cooperative marketing opportunities that are only available to nationally listed products.

Now, all Home Hardware stores can draw 1000+ Stain Remover inventory from Home Hardware’s own regional warehouses in any quantity required, combined with other in-coming products as consolidated deliveries to the stores on Home Hardware trucks.

This development will help Winning Brands increase its annual sales figure in 2018.  It will also increase shopping convenience to consumers of 1000+ Stain Remover from coast-to-coast, and will improve quality of service amongst all stakeholders.

Home Hardware in Canada is associated with the Do it Best hardware cooperative in America through their Alliance International buying group.

Link: http://www.homehardware.ca/en/rec/index.htm/Indoor-Living/Home-Commercial-Cleaning/Cleaners/Carpet-Upholstery/Spot-Remover/909mL-1000-Stain-Remover/_/N-2pqfZ67l/Ne-67n/Ntk-All_EN/R-I4580812?Ntt=1000%2B+Stain+Remover


Dec 26


Winning Brands Joint Ventures – Update for Events Moving Forward


Picture - Innovators Community

Shareholders will recall that the prospect of a joint venture with Supreme Sweets was introduced this year, via our Innovators Community initiative.  It was an example of what Winning Brands will do to grow beyond recovery of our existing products, to include completely new revenue streams as well.

We have made excellent progress in the last 3 weeks in the Supreme Sweets project.  As a method to reduce the dilution of Winning Brands shares associated with raising new capital for this joint venture, Winning Brands has instead been helping to organize an RTO for Supreme Sweets with another OTC publico.  This means that Supreme will obtain new operating capital directly (which has already been sourced) for new product launches rather than having to draw the capital from Winning Brands.  Some of these new Supreme Sweet products are being assigned to Winning Brands, and Winning Brands will become the vendor of record.  This means that Winning Brands will derive completely new sales revenue streams from this joint venture without dilution to its shareholders for this joint venture.  It will be the first completely new source of sales revenue ever for Winning Brands, beyond its existing product range.  It opens a door to new success areas in addition to our existing foundation, not instead of it.  This is the power of the development.

That RTO of Supreme Sweets with the other publico will be activated in January, so that our first joint venture under Innovators Community will be operational in Q1, for the benefit of Winning Brands, in practical terms – not just theory.

There is much going on of a positive nature now at Winning Brands. I am being conservative by waiting to discuss these, rather than doing so before the benefits are activated.  However, I do state clearly that the recovery of Winning Brands’ operating momentum in 2017 (by restoring the PINK Current Information tier, and reducing losses to record lows, with self-sufficiency closer than ever) is only the beginning of our positive turn-around.   We already have substantial, signed, Indication of Interest for the proposed Winning Brands Regulation A+, through which several terrific additional initiatives will be made as well.

Winning Brands is now positioned for substantial progress in sales growth and qualifying for healthy (positive) re-financing to stimulate the company.  Thank you for your interest in Winning Brands.  There will be much to share in Q1 and 2018 in general.  I am genuinely excited by the new possibilities for Winning Brands now coming to fruition.


Eric Lehner, CEO

For more information about Innovators Community, please see:  www.InnovatorsCommunity.com


Nov 16


OTC Market Filing Q3 2017


Winning Brands filed its Q3 2017 report ahead of schedule with OTC Markets.  This provides the basis for continued PINK Current Information tier designation within the OTC Markets quotation structure.  The filing reported that reduced operating costs continued to contribute to the company’s recovery, supported also by stronger sales.


Picture - Q3 2017 Winning Brands

Oct 09


BRILLIANT Wet Cleaning Solutions Welcomes Blue Leaf Cleaners


We are pleased to now be providing service to Blue Leaf Cleaners in Hamilton.  Every such supply relationship is an affirmation of BRILLIANT Wet Cleaning Solutions from Winning Brands, and a source of pride.


Picture - BRILLIANT Customer Blue Leaf Cleaners



Oct 03


Fans in the U.S. Navy for 1000+ Stain Remover


Winning Brands is honored to have product fans for 1000+ Stain Remover in the U.S. Navy.   We continue to receive re-orders.  This 60 Quart shipment is leaving tomorrow.  It’s not the size of each individual order that matters as much as the fact that the purchases are being made through official channels, directly, and regularly.  The opportunity to be of greater service with larger orders is of course the goal.  This is what we are working on.


Picture - 1000+ to US Navy Oct 3 2017

Oct 03


Thank you Australia and New Zealand


We are pleased to have dispatched more 1000+ Stain Remover to Australia and New Zealand over the past 2 weeks;  3,672 bottles in the 125mL size and 1,440 bottles of the 909mL size.  It’s fun having product fans half-way around the earth.

Picture - Brisbane Australia - Destination for 1000+ Stain Remover

Sep 22


Thank you Innotex


We are honoured that ReGUARD4™ Multi-Purpose Bunker Gear Cleaner from Winning Brands is part of the team at Innotex to keep high value protective gear clean.

Picture - Innotex

Sep 22


PINK Current Information Tier Attained


We are pleased to report that the PINK Current Information Tier has been applied to WNBD.  This is a practical and symbolic development both.  Management of Winning Brands is deeply grateful to the various parties who have contributed to this positive outcome.  We also thank OTC Markets for their efficient processing of our filings. WNBD Q3 2017 Report and Annual Report 2017 will be filed according to the PINK timetable to ensure retention of this designation.

Management looks forward to sharing positive developments in coming months.  Certain other business initiatives can move forward now that this has been put into place,


Picture - OTC Markets Verification September 2017


Sep 20


OTC Updates Completed


Winning Brands has completed all required tasks to qualify for PINK Current Information with today’s public filing at OTC Markets of the Attorney Opinion Letter in respect of the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years.

Sep 13


OTC Filings Update


Q2 2017 Filing has been posted to OTC Markets.  2017 improvements continue.  PINK Current Information Tier should be restored this week.

Picture - WBC Q2 2017


Sep 11


OTC Update Q1 2017


Filing has been made.  The results trend continues to be positive.  Q2 will appear on OTC this week as well.


Q1 2017

Sep 02


1000+ Stain Remover in Social Media Advertising


There has recently been an increase in social media advertising of 1000+ Stain Remover initiated by 3rd parties. These are ads for 1000+ that are purchased and placed by other organizations, not Winning Brands. The one below is an illustration.  These advertisements appear on computer screens via AdSense.  Such 3rd party advertising is a healthy sign.  It reflects an effective distribution chain, with shared vested interests.  In this example, the photo accompanied the headline.  The photo shows 1000+ Stain Remover on the shelf at the Paint Department in a Lowe’s Home Improvement store.


Picture - Lowe's Advertising Picture - Lowe's Advertising B

Aug 31


OTC Filings Update

2017 material has been compiled and is being submitted to www.GetOTCCurrent.com tonight for accounting review next week, hopefully giving us the ability to then upload the material on the OTC Markets filings page at that time.  We are very close now.

Aug 27


1000+ Stain Remover Page at Amazon

Several updates have been made to the 1000+ Stain Remover page at Amazon.com



Picture - 1000+ Stain Remover at Amazon

Aug 21


Additional Online Source for 1000+ Stain Remover


For people who are not aware, we are pleased to point out that 1000+ Stain Remover can also be purchased online at Hardware World:  https://www.hardwareworld.com/pn7ntep/1000-Stain-Remover-32-oz


Picture - 1000+ at Hardware World


Aug 21


ReGUARD4 Marketing Approved


We appreciate receiving approval today from the Ontario Professional Firefighters Association for the start of ReGUARD4 advertising on the official OPFFA website.  http://www.opffa.org/index.cfm?section=1#.WZsqY9QrK9L 

An online advertisement for ReGUARD4 will now appear in rotation with OPFFA approved products on the OPFFA website home page.  The frequency of its appearance will be determined by a budgeted number of views and other technical factors. If you wish to view the ad and it does not immediately appear on the home page, simply press your browser refresh button until it does.  Products appearing in advertisements on the OPFFA website require prior approval.  We are gratified to have met the requirements.   The advertisement links to the product webpage: www.ReGUARD4.com

This advertisement is only the beginning of an online marketing campaign for ReGUARD4 Multi-Purpose Bunker Gear Cleaner.  This placement is part of a larger plan that will include the United States and Canada as a whole because our product is effective and provides good value for an issue of growing interest in the professional fire fighting community – the protection and maintenance of sophisticated and expensive protective gear that is exposed to flames and fire residue.  Cleaning such gear after-the-fact is an increasingly “managed” protocol amongst professionals in this sector.

ReGUARD4 has not been advertised to the industry by Winning Brands previously, as sales depended upon word-of-mouth and dealer activities.  Word-of-mouth has been consistently positive, thus supporting the launch of advertising at this time.


Picture - ReGUARD4 at OPFFA Website



Aug 16


OTC Update

The revised target completion date for Q1 and Q2 2017 is the end of August.  PINK Current Information Tier will then be granted promptly thereafter.

The advantage of filing both Q’s at this time, rather than only Q1, is that the PINK Current Information Tier will then be intact for an extended period.  This is because the next report will not be due until October 15th.  Filing Q1 by itself presently will not accomplish this.

When the restoration of PINK Current Information Tier is granted, Winning Brands intends to remain current going forward.   The company was current for several years previously.  The non-PINK period over the past two years arose from the challenges described in the company’s reports.  These challenges are being successfully addressed as new opportunities are opening up for Winning Brands.  Sustaining a current PINK will no longer be difficult.


Eric Lehner, CEO

Jul 30


ReGUARD4 Multi-Purpose Bunker Gear Cleaner from Winning Brands

These are pictures taken recently of protective gear worn by fire fighters in real world training, now grime covered, awaiting cleaning with the help of ReGUARD4 Multi-Purpose Bunker Gear Cleaner.  The photos were taken at Lambton College.

Picture - Bunker Gear Awaiting ReGUARD4 at Lambton College

Picture - ReGUARD4 Lambton College Close-up of Pre-Wash Gear

Picture - ReGUARD Bunker Cleaner 4-Way Action

Jul 29


Shareholder Question

A shareholder has asked that I provide an update on the status of filings and other matters.

This is to reconfirm that we are trying to complete the Q1 and Q2 2017 financial uploads asap.  I apologize that this has not yet occurred.  It is being worked on.  We have made much progress in updating records over the past several months and are committed to completing the task.

Regaining momentum and then reaching new milestones is the core mission of Winning Brands.  Our improved (diminishing) losses over the past several years have positioned us now to be closer than ever to self-sufficiency and profitability.  The many discussions with persons and organizations of goodwill that are occurring behind-the-scenes are subject to the confidentiality and discretion that is expected for arrangements that are not yet finalized, although I have provided a general overview.  All of this is still being worked on.

The purpose of this note is to reaffirm that there is a sincere effort being made to complete the immediate administrative tasks asap that are related to reporting status and subsequent advancement.


With respect and appreciation
Eric Lehner


Jun 29


HomeDepot.com USA Replenished with 1000+


The HomeDepot.com online inventory of 1000+ Stain Remover has been replenished.  It had been sold-out and in a back-order position until this morning.

Here is the live link to the order page:


Picture - Home Depot USA

Jun 29


Thank you Calgary Stampede – TrackMoist™ gets its first use at event.


It is an honour that TrackMoist™ from Winning Brands will be used by the Calgary Stampede organization for the first time in 2017.   TrackMoist™ treats soil used in the performance surfaces to reduce dust and to retain desirable soil surface properties.  This benefits performers and spectators alike.   The Calgary Stampede is one of the world’s foremost annual entertainment events.  This year’s event will be held July 7th-16th.

Website Link:  http://www.calgarystampede.com/stampede


Picture - Calgary Stampede


Picture - TrackMoist Package 2014

Jun 29


OTC Next Steps

The remaining technical steps for the restoration of OTC PINK CURRENT INFORMATION tier for WNBD are:

  • Posting of Legal Opinion Letter to be submitted by eligible attorney to OTC Markets pertaining to the filings for the two years ending December 31, 2015 and 2016
  • Posting of Q1 2017
  • Review of the above material by OTC Markets compliance staff

We will do our best to have these final steps done in 2 weeks.  We have brought 2 years of material into compliance yesterday and are now close to being OTC PINK again.  This will contribute greatly to our 2017 turnaround and revitalization.




Jun 28


OTC Filings Progress

More filings were completed at OTC Markets today.  All information to the year-end December 31, 2016 has now been uploaded.  Q1 2017 is being worked on presently.

The overview as at December 31st is that the positive trend of substantial loss reduction continued, despite lower sales for the period.  Details are in the filings at OTC Markets.  Management projects that sales will increase in 2017 based on events subsequent to filing, thus establishing renewed momentum for Winning Brands.

The Big Picture

Winning Brands’ continued reduction of operating losses in 2016 reflects a positive pattern.  The Company has achieved this performance improvement every year since reporting began.    The 2016 annual operating loss is the lowest ever.  A 7-year chart illustrating diminishing losses is shown below. Cumulative sales during these years have been approximately $2.7 Million, representing an estimated 675,000 individual retail consumer transactions.  A foundation of proven consumer satisfaction with the products exists.  Lower sales in recent periods arises from reduced physical distribution, not from a lack of consumer satisfaction.  Physical distribution will increase again with additional capital.  Management anticipates that Winning Brands 2017 sales will increase over 2016, contributing to momentum and recovery for Winning Brands in 2017 following its recent quiet period.

Management has been steadily substituting fixed costs with variable costs to achieve future profitability.   This means that the firm will be more profitable in the future when sales volume grows than it would have been in the earlier fixed cost model.

Picture - WBC Dec 31 2017

Despite challenges arising from the working capital deficiency, which created inconsistent sales due to limitations in production,distribution and marketing support for listings, the company’s business premise has proven to be resilient. Winning Brands has a sound basis for success when appropriate financing is arranged to invest in sales growth.  Winning Brands’ resilience arises from the uncomplicated nature of the company’s business model. Winning Brands supplies good consumable products that solve “everyday” problems for customers in various regions. This is done in partnership with retailers.  Consumers indicate satisfaction with these products through continuous testimonial feedback.  If some retailers are lost due to minimum support requirements, others are found in due course.

The primary cause of de-listings is the challenge of providing sufficient marketing support.  This will be overcome with renewed capital funding. A wide range of retailers are well-suited to Winning Brands’ product mix. Online shopping continues to be a growing feature of the retail landscape.  Winning Brands now has a strong U.S. platform for online sales through HomeDepot.com, Walmart.com and Amazon.com and consumer satisfaction is high.  Keeping more finished goods inventory for immediate delivery will also increase sales volume by increasing the pace of turnover.

May 01


Great New Projects for Expansion at Winning Brands


Innovators Community has attracted terrific new relationships for diverse opportunities to collaborate.  As consumers we take food innovation for granted.  However, in the food industry, innovation in packaged goods is as sought after as with other consumer goods.  We are delighted to now be in discussion with food product innovators in the Winning Brands Innovators Community initiative, as per today’s news release.  What all this boils down to is that in the future Winning Brands will be deriving revenue from a diversity of sales streams, not only cleaning products.  We are being presented with high-quality opportunities through our new recruitment portal www.InnovatorsCommunity.com.

Link:  http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/food-innovation-strategy-for-winning-brands-and-supreme-sweets-otc-pink-wnbd-2213107.htm 

Picture - Supreme Sweets Gluten Free

Apr 30


WNBD: Improved Liquidity


There has been a dramatic improvement in WNBD stock liquidity on a year-over-year basis.  By April 30th 2017, WNBD has surpassed $1 Million in trading volume on the open market since Jan 1st, accompanied by an active bid/ask environment.  Share price is important, but so is an active market.  The two go hand in hand.  Business developments in coming months will support a continued active market.


Picture - WNBD Liquidity Jan - Apr 2017

Apr 21


Winning Brands – Securter: What is this project about?

Winning Brands announced this week that it has in place a formal Exploratory Discussion Agreement with Securter, Inc. under Winning Brands’ Innovators Community initiative. www.InnovatorsCommunity.com

What is Securter?  Why should anyone care?  How can Winning Brands benefit?

Securter is a patent-pending new payment portal for online credit card and debit card transactions that dramatically reduces losses and inconvenience of identity theft by eliminating the need for consumers to enter their credit card information into the databases of online retailers (or third-party payment processors) through a computer keyboard.

Securter instead verifies the validity of the payment card through an ingenious physical technology in the cardholder’s possession.  This solution prevents the growing and widespread dissemination of “your” personal information across third-party platforms.  As online payments increase, so does the exposure of consumers to their stored payment information being hacked.  This is an expensive headache for payment card issuers.

In North America, online “card not present (CNP)” losses are estimated to now exceed $6 billion annually.  The Securter development team, which includes bright, trained, theoretical and practical experts, has conceived of a technology solution that expands the security envelope which card issuers (such as banks) can grant their cardholders, while saving merchants the contingent liability of holding credit card information for millions of customers.  News reports are growing in frequency describing hacks into the confidential payment history of consumers, even with the finest retailers.  This risk will only grow as the number of online merchants grows. With Securter, online payment card information no longer resides with retailers NOR ANY THIRD PARTY other than the issuers themselves, i.e. the banks.

We have seen other payment platform innovations introduced (using completely different technologies), becoming widely accepted and hugely successful options, such as PayPal, to name only one.  These payment portal options were all new at the time they were introduced.  They were all “innovations” at an early stage in their lives.  At Securter and Winning Brands, our managements feel that an exciting addition to these options is now within reach, with similar scope of opportunity and scale.

I met with Securter management again today to review the status of prototype performance and the status of current interest by third parties.  I am delighted that we now have, this week, expression of interest in principle from a major bank that issues credit cards.  This is only one of a variety of potential stakeholders agreeing that something attractive is emerging in this project.

So what do Winning Brands and Securter have to offer each other?

If Securter now accepts conventional venture capital at this early stage (which it has already been offered), then it will permanently forfeit a significant percentage of its ownership, forevermore.  If Securter takes a conventional loan, prior to having revenue, then it may default on its payments. Qualifying for such loans is extremely difficult for any normal people.  If Securter is funded by the bank or other issuer organization that will be using the new payment system, then control is forfeited.  Government funding has all kinds of strings attached.

Accordingly, the new option for Securter through Winning Brands Innovators Community is that Securter receives some of our public capital and other assistance to be recovered by Winning Brands on a multiple and self-liquidating basis, from Securter revenues, following implementation.   Securter ownership is left intact, while Winning Brands shareholders have participated in the revenue of the launch of the technology on a very profitable basis.  Winning Brands shareholders will have a portfolio of such entitlements from a variety of projects.  We already have a waiting list.

Securter is presently at LEVEL 6 of the standardized “Technology Readiness Levels” hierarchy.   This means, specifically, that the “System/Sub-System model or prototype demonstration exists and can be performed in a simulated environment.  A model or prototype that represents a near desired configuration exists.  Activities include testing in a simulated operation environment or laboratory”.

The next level that we are heading to, LEVEL 7, is when the “Prototype is ready for demonstration in an appropriate operational environment.  The prototype is by that stage at the planned operational level and is ready for demonstration in an operational setting, including field testing under real-world conditions”.

LEVEL 8 will be the stage at which it is proven to work in its final form, and LEVEL 9 will be ready for launch.

There is a world of innovation opportunity “out there”.  Winning Brands respects and appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with innovators for the mutual benefit.  Much good can come from this new platform of innovation launches.


Picture - Innovators Community Online Shopping

Apr 21


Shareholder Question: How Does Innovators Community Work?

Shareholder Question:

“…So WNBD gets the financing to help other startups? Is this Government financing or private? I read it can be up to 20 million. Is it an equity based financing?Do u expect to get that much or 1.5 million. What is  the amount you receive based on? I’m trying to get a better understanding…Thanks”



In the past, any funding raised by Winning Brands could only be applied to its existing (foundational) product line, i.e. cleaning solutions.

Now, because of our launch of the  Innovators Community recruitment portal, www.InnovatorsCommunity.com, Winning Brands can select intriguing projects that are being presented to us for consideration by their innovators. Their hope is that Winning Brands will provide some of its resources and experience in return for sharing in the future launch revenue of those projects.

What Winning Brands will receive in return is a multiple of what we provide.  Winning Brands will hold a portfolio of these project revenue entitlements.  Winning Brands will not seek ownership of those innovations (unlike conventional venture capital), but rather be paid out by receiving a percentage of “top line” sales of those ventures.  Because our entitlement will be self-liquidating ( ie. eventually paid out/retired) this is far more appealing to inventors.  That is why we have a waiting list.

This is also much better for the innovators than a “loan”, because the repayment is tied to sales, thus avoiding potentially fatal default situations.

There are many subject matter experts whose expertise in various technologies and launch processes are able to help us vet opportunities and even help plan and execute some of the launches.

The amount of our multiple gain depends upon the circumstances of the projects, their readiness to market, the risk, the speed with which the return is likely to be realized, and more.

The bottom line is that the Innovators Community platform will give Winning Brands shareholders access to revenue from a far greater range of cool projects than any single company could ever generate.  There will always be a larger number of applicants than we could ever proceed with.  Consider Shark Tank for example.  The number of projects that they can feature in a broadcast season is limited by available air time for the core program.  That is a small number compared to the tens of thousands of applications that they receive per year.

Innovators Community is an original way to give public shareholders a stake in the growth of smart new product launches, spreading the risk across diverse opportunities, leveraging expertise from various fields as required. This model is truly appreciated by innovators.  This is not merely “crowd funding” or any other existing version of innovation funding.  It is a new hybrid approach that will be fine-tuned to address the appropriate regulatory and operational issues.  It is a breakthrough in combining the power of the public capital market and the power of innovation.   Innovators suffer a HUGE unmet need for launch assistance.

Regulation A+ is only one mechanism by which Winning Brands can obtain the capital appropriate to its needs for the innovation portfolio, as it evolves.  Regulation A+ permits up to $20 Million per year on a Tier I basis.  The amount that we will accept will depend upon our portfolio at that stage.

As to the concept of Innovators Community in general, any skeptic can easily come up with supposed “problems” with this idea. We can do this for anything in the world.  Even great ideas that are now in operation in the world are filled with potential problems.  More important is the fact that Winning Brands has spent nearly 2 years vetting the Innovators Community structure through bright professionals in law, accounting, securities, product marketing, etc.  It gets consistently good grades for originality, plausibility and potential to make a positive difference in the world if it is implemented well in coming years.

Our recent Exploratory Discussion Agreement with Securter, Inc. reveals only one of our candidates.  It was at a stage where the project candidate was ready/willing to announce our exploration publicly.  Others will too, in due course.


Links to innovation oriented people and organizations:  http://innovatorscommunity.com/?page_id=3556


Picture - Innovators Community Links



Apr 20


Innovators Community – A World of Opportunity for Winning Brands

A News Release has been issued today announcing that discussions have become formal with Innovators Community candidate, Securter, Inc.

The positive impact of Innovators Community’s bold mission on Winning Brands’ future will become increasingly apparent as the sheer diversity of Innovators Community project openings is revealed.

The fact that Winning Brands began with a single category of consumer products does not limit the operation of the Innovators Community joint venture platform.  This is because there are many subject matter experts representing various fields across North America who are eager and appreciative for the chance to apply their talents to our prospective projects, within their area of expertise.  We know because they have told us so!

Winning Brands will become associated with a wide array of innovations in years to come.  They will be managed as revenue sharing joint ventures for the benefit of innovators and Winning Brands both.  In the meantime, our foundational products still exist and can grow too.  The best of both worlds….

News Release Link:


Picture - Securter Credit Card Graphic

Apr 16


A Good Week for WNBD

Picture - OTC Markets Week to April 14 2017

Apr 13


OTC Filings Update

The pace of Winning Brands filings at OTC Markets is accelerating.  Q2 2016 is now posted.  Improved sales, reduced loss compared with prior year Jan 1 – Jun 30th, 2015.  Still on-target for WNBD to re-acquire the OTC PINK Current Information designation in Q2 2017.

Picture - WNBD Q2 Cumm 2016

Apr 10


First Time for Winning Brands in Costco Setting

A nice step for Winning Brands as its BRILLIANT™ Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent joins complimentary Miele offerings online at www.Costco.ca.  First connection to Costco for Winning Brands.


Apr 04


Q1 2016 Filed at OTC Markets


Progress continues with filings catch-up at OTC Markets.  Q1 2016 is now posted.  Continued reduction of losses is the bottom line.  Q2 2016 is targeted for next week.  2017 financing will benefit Winning Brands growth.


Picture - WBC Q1 2011 - 2016

Mar 31


2016 Filings to Begin

We are now moving into the 2016 phase of the catch-up of our filings.  Those Q’s will start next week.  We will be PINK Current status in Q2 and then be able to ramp-up our Innovators Community projects.  We are grateful for the terrific contacts and Innovators Community introductions that have been coming our way!

Picture - Innovators Community

Mar 27


Reminder to U.S. Navy Personnel


If you are U.S. Navy personnel, and like 1000+ Stain Remover, then NEXCOM and Winning Brands wants to hear from you.

The rate of consumption of 1000+ Stain Remover from inventory on-hand at NEXCOM facilities in Japan, Spain, Italy and Qatar is taken into account when HQ in Virginia Beach decides whether to bring 1000+ Stain Remover into more NEX depots.  Item: 9498791 in Dept 836.

We received a replenishment order today.  For Winning Brands, so far, the size of the orders has been secondary in importance of the fact that Navy orders are coming direct, through official channels.

We have the opportunity to boost the order volume by increasing awareness of the usefulness of 1000+ Stain Remover within the service.

Please do share with us more information about the job that it’s doing for you!   Thank you for your discovery and use of 1000+ Stain Remover already.


Picture - NEX Logo


Mar 27


Order today from New Zealand

It’s fun to see where in the world 1000+ Stain Remover travels.  We received an order today from New Zealand for 4,032 of our “little guys” as we refer to them in the office – the 125mL handy size with “go anywhere” convenience!

Picture - 1000+ New Small 5

Mar 23


1000+ Stain Remover: Revival of Potential Export Market


It was good to hear from a potential distributor in Vietnam yesterday.  We explored some possibilities with this importer already a couple of years ago, but they were not yet ready in the end.  Things seem to have changed now and there is renewed interest.

1000+ Stain Remover packaging looks terrific in any language, retaining its distinct trade-dress regardless of the words on the label.  We already have customers in a surprising number of countries, on a small scale.  Our goal is to have this grow.  1000+ Stain Remover is extraordinarily useful and versatile anywhere.

If you have friends, family or business contacts in any country, have them contact Winning Brands.  Who knows where the right connections can lead!


Photo Caption:
1000+ Stain Remover bottle for Vietnam.  Unmistakably 1000+, yet perfectly adapted to local language.


1000+ Stain Remover Vietnam

Mar 21


Why Innovators Community is Great for WNBD


The flow of new opportunities coming to Winning Brands through its innovator recruitment portal is growing: www.InnovatorsCommunity.com

As a result of this portal, Innovators are presenting Winning Brands with cool product and service concepts. This activity provides a powerful new basis for the future growth of Winning Brands.

Winning Brands’ destiny is positively influenced by these bright, motivated innovators. They are approaching us because they are looking for a way to partner for the launch of their winning ideas.  ”Innovators” include inventors, designers, prototype developers and others.  It’s an inclusive term that describes a wealth of creative genius that has practical ambitions.

Their need is not just financing – it’s also about contacts, channels of distribution, networking with experts and co-coordinating with others to get the job done. Even brilliant inventors cannot be equally knowledgeable in all the activities associated with product launches.  Collaboration is key, but many innovators are not oriented to that model.

That’s why Winning Brands is forming an “adaptive network ” of supportive experts who can be deployed on a project basis for approved joint ventures.

Winning Brands’ does not want to take away ownership from inventors, but instead to share in the revenue that launches will generate.  Innovators love it – what can be fairer than that!  It’s great for Winning Brands future too.  We will not be bogged down with the practicality or politics of owning pieces of companies. We will hold a portfolio of revenue stream entitlements.  That’s more cost-efficient, easier to administer and much more appealing to the innovators.

Tomorrow, I am being introduced to a spokesperson for a team that has developed a next generation solution to e-commerce credit card fraud reduction.  Their project has been vetted by ultra-credible third parties.  The point is not whether this specific project, or another one, is approved by Winning Brands for a joint venture.  Some will come and go for a variety of reasons. The point is that there is a FLOW of such opportunities to Winning Brands now as a result of the foresight by Winning Brands to create a formal  recruitment mechanism.  InnovatorsCommunity.com makes the arrival of such opportunities systematic.   Deal flow is key to building a portfolio of attractive opportunities.  We are now getting deal-flow.

With the combination of our existing foundation of consumer products, and the much taller structure of projects under consideration, Winning Brands’ visibility and importance will grow.  I think of our situation in terms of an analogy because not everyone can picture the positive transformational impact on WNBD of this concept.   It’s like WNBD is presently a nice but small house on a valuable beachfront property (“the public market”).    Innovators Community is WNBD’s method to “develop” our nice but modest presence into much higher value use of our property for the benefit of its owners (shareholders).   It is common sense that a high-rise, mixed use development with iconic residents and commercial tenants is more valuable on that beachfront than a nice but modest house.   Innovators Community brings such heft to the WNBD property.  It brings new human capital.  It brings visibility.  It builds on what we have, and gives our property much more importance.  The transformation of something merely nice into a community landmark, is the point of this analogy.  WNBD has designed a way to make much better use use of its public presence in this valuable place, the public market.  By doing so, we will benefit not only our shareholders, but even society.  There is a huge, unsatisfied need for human creative genius to be transformed into practical outcomes.  Winning Brands, through its Innovators Community vision, brings a bold new initiative into existence to address this need, and to benefit from doing so.

WNBD has much to look forward to.   I will discuss more about candidate projects as negotiations progress.


Photo Caption:

Winning Brands’ innovation joint ventures may go beyond consumer products to include innovation in the systems of commerce too, such as developments that reduce online credit card abuse and other areas of savings and security.  Innovators have tremendous projects to share.  Existing forms of engagement for them do not even come close to satisfying the opportunities available today to launch new products, services and technology.

Innovators LossPreventioninECommerce



Mar 15


2015 Annual Report Filed at OTC Markets

Progress toward return to Current Information Tier continues.  The Annual Report for 2015 has been posted to OTC Markets.  2016 Q’s are being worked on.

Mar 13


Twitter Open


To supplement the CEO Weblog for Winning Brands stakeholders, the following Twitter account has been opened today:  @WinningCEO

Picture - WBC Twitter


Mar 13


Q3 2015 Filed, Q4 2015 This Week

Mar 09


Filings Resume at OTC Markets

As announced in January 2017, Winning Brands will re-acquire its OTC Markets Current Information Tier, by bringing its filings up to date.  This is part of an initiative to renew momentum and re-gain ground lost during the period when capital markets financing was not available to Winning Brands 2013-2016.  With the $1.5 Million securities purchase agreement announced on January 11th, 2017 and the Regulation A, Tier I filing that will be made in Q2, momentum from earlier years can be revived.

The filing for the 6 months ending June 30, 2015 has been uploaded to OTC Markets today.  The balance of 2015 will be uploaded next week.  2016 will be uploaded shortly thereafter.  We are on-track to be operating within the OTC Current Information Tier again during Q2 2017.

The 2015 and 2016 results will show that despite the company’s challenge in obtaining capital for marketing, resulting in weaker sales during those past periods, Winning Brands retained operational integrity and managed to continue reducing its losses compared to earlier years.  Consistent loss-reduction on a year-over-year basis, over several years, has been a hallmark of Winning Brands performance during its public period.  This effective cost control positions Winning Brands as a strong candidate for achieving profitability from its lower cost base when pent-up sales and marketing opportunities are re-engaged.  The proceeds of the Regulation A financing will enable new sales growth to occur.

Through Regulation A, it will also be possible for Winning Brands to initiate select joint venture projects that inventors have been applying for through Winning Brands outreach portal to product developers: www.InnovatorsCommunity.com    Winning Brands is extremely pleased with the positive feedback from innovators about this outreach, putting the company for the first time in the position of being on the receiving end of proposed opportunities and deal-flow.

The full text of the associated news release can be accessed here:


Picture - Financial - Jan 1 - Jun 30 2011 - 2015



Feb 02


ReGUARD4 Bunker Gear Cleaner Initiative


The News Release link (below) describes how Winning Brands is undertaking positive initiatives with its ReGUARD4 brand.  The market:  Fire Departments in North America.

Link:  ReGUARD4 News Release February 2, 2017

Picture - ReGUARD Bunker Cleaner 4-Way Action

Jan 17


Renewed Opportunities in Quebec with French Language Portal

Digital French Language Presence:  www.1000PlusFrancais.com 

Picture - 1000+ French Website Versatility

Jan 14


Disclosure Note – Coatings Venture


The Winning Brands CEO weblog is regular source of public information about the company pursuant to SEC Fair Disclosure guidelines, particularly regarding events which may fall between news releases, or do not in themselves require a separate news release, or for a matter that will be dealt with in a future news release but is relevant now.

In that spirit of disclosure, I report that it would appear that a joint venture contemplated for the coatings sector, as described in an earlier news release, will not be proceeding in the short term.

The reference to a possible coatings joint venture was made to illustrate, with actual examples, how Winning Brands intends to add shareholder value in coming years, by increasing the diversity of Winning Brands revenue sources. This will be accomplished by providing qualified innovation projects, and their inventors, with the benefit of funding support and relevant networking and assistance, in return for revenue sharing with Winning Brands on a mutually beneficial basis.  We have a variety of enquiries from interested parties.

There is an enormous unmet need in society for innovators to receive a helping hand launching their innovations, or broadening their reach. In return, such projects can share their growth opportunities with public investors who would not otherwise have access to innovation revenue.  This can be beneficial to both parties and is a bold vision for Winning Brands.   It builds upon the foundation of our past work with new possibilities for its shareholders.   The new opportunities will not be limited to cleaning products.  Project candidates may come and go as they pass through a mutual vetting process.  The arrival of a new candidate is not yet a “success event”, nor is the discontinuation of vetting of a candidate a “failure event”.  The vetting process is simply on-going.  The goal is to implement projects with vetted candidates and to build a portfolio that can grow and evolve, by being at the leading edge of “what’s new”.

With this as context, I reiterate that the contemplated coatings discussion will not be proceeding further at this time.  Winning Brands appreciates discussing exciting forward-looking projects with innovators and realizes that not all such possibilities can proceed, despite best intentions.

Winning Brands will inform its shareholders of other project possibilities that the company has in the field of innovation launches to keep moving forward.   Winning Brands has received interest for this type of alliance from a variety of innovators who appreciate such an opportunity.

As always, I take full responsibility and sole responsibility for any event which does not come to fruition.  I thank, sincerely, all parties who approach me and our company with constructive opportunities.  Regardless of the reasons that any particular candidate within the portfolio of candidates does not proceed to implementation, the guiding principle of an “innovation alliance”, which Winning Brands’ enhanced business model represents, has immense upside for the company and its stakeholders.

Here is a link to one portal, amongst many, that illustrates the world of innovation as an economic driver in the 21st century:  www.NewAtlas.com.  Winning Brands will thus have a broader scope for our shareholders in the future by working with innovators than if we were unwilling to expand our perspective.


Picture - Innovation at New Atlas


Eric Lehner, CEO

Jan 11


Securing Funding for Growth in New York City

Winning Brands announced today by way of a news release on the North American disclosure network that it has entered into a securities purchase agreement with GPL Ventures, LLC of New York City.

That company will purchase $1.5 Million of Winning Brands common stock pursuant to a Regulation A Tier I filing, to be made.  The benefit to Winning Brands is that the agreement by GPL to purchase the stock removes uncertainty as to whether Winning Brands shares will be subscribed if the SEC permits their issuance.  This agreement in advance saves Winning Brands time and money, and strengthens the likelihood of Winning Brands’ regaining momentum in 2017.   Winning Brands has been in a quiet period that arose from Winning Brands’ discontinuation of the use of Regulation D, Rule 504 for funding, pending a suitable alternative mechanism to support Winning Brands growth.   During the quiet period momentum was diminished – which these new arrangements will reverse.  More details regarding the Regulation A filing will be posted in due course.

News Release Link: January 11, 2017

Picture - New York City

Jan 02


Information Distribution Service Agreement

Winning Brands has entered into an Information Distribution Service Agreement with regard to news releases that are anticipated in 2017, for the North American Disclosure Network.  The first of these will be dated January 3, 2017.

Picture - Marketwired

Dec 13


Expanded Reach for 1000+ Stain Remover at Former RONA Stores

Lowe’s to start conversions

Picture - RONA converting to Lowes


The Canadian Press reports December 12, 2016 that Lowe’s plans to convert 40 big box RONA stores across Canada to the name of the U.S. parent starting early next year.

The first stores to get the new name will be located outside Quebec.

Another 17 stores in Quebec will be converted in 2019 once it adopts a new French-language information technology system that will then be rolled out to existing Lowe’s stores.

1000+ Stain Remover is carried in the Lowe’s plan-o-gram for its branded stores in Canada.

Dec 04


1000+ Stain Remover at Lowe’s


We thank a shareholder who took these photos recently of 1000+ Stain Remover on the shelf at a Lowe’s outlet in Canada.

Picture - 1000+ Lowes Dec 2016 A

Picture - 1000+ Stain Remover Lowes Dec 2016 B

Nov 28


Testimonial by Professional Paint Contractor for 1000+ Stain Remover

Thank you, Anders, for your kind thoughts about 1000+ Stain Remover.  Anders is the proprietor of a successful commercial painting operation in the Niagara region.  The conversation with Anders about 1000+ can now be seen at the 1000+ Stain Remover channel on Vimeo: Link:  https://vimeo.com/193430562

Picture - Testimonial Air Painters

Nov 13


1000+ Stain Remover at Home Hardware


Distribution of 1000+ Stain Remover to Home Hardware stores is being re-organized on the basis that stores will draw their inventory needs from nationally approved vendor distributors rather than from the HH warehouse.  On this basis the 4L SKU returns to the product mix to join the 909mL and 125 mL sizes to support the Commercial Maintenance customers.  Also, distributor sales representatives in various regions will now be available to call on stores locally.    As before, 1000+ Stain Remover will be available in participating stores.  1000+ was never on the shelf in every location.  Home Hardware stores are presently receiving their briefing kits for the new arrangements.  Shipments under the new arrangement have already begun.  We look forward to being able to build on existing product friendships and expand our success with Home Hardware over time.


Picture - Home Hardware 4 Litre

Aug 08


Shareholder Picture

We thank the shareholder who e-mailed us this picture of 1000+ Stain Remover from a Lowe’s outlet in Toronto today.

August 8 2016

Jul 23


Thank you York Tile


Winning Brands is honoured to have received permission to share the testimonial endorsement of York Fabrica for 1000+ Stain Remover.  This leading supplier and installer of natural stone surfaces has used 1000+ extensively in a variety of real applications and trials and has decided to begin using 1000+ Stain Remover as a standard part of its clean-up protocols.  Much appreciated.


Picture - York Marble Description Picture - York Marble Logo

Jul 13


New Dealer for 1000+ Stain Remover; Industrial Sector


We are pleased to inform industrial contractors that 1000+ Stain Remover is now available from Hansa Flex in Canada for purchase by contractors and work crews.   Hansa Flex is an international service organization focusing on hydraulic systems with 400 offices internationally, based in Germany.

Use of 1000+ Stain Remover in the industrial service/shop environment as a multi-cleaner reveals 1000+ to be exceptionally versatile.  Sample Before/After pictures (Below) illustrate the usefulness of 1000+ in settings where top maintenance standards are desired.


Picture - Hansa Flex GermanyPicture - Hansa Flex CanadaHansa Process Equipment - Before and After in OneHansa Service Floor - BeforeHansa Service Floor - AfterHansa Service Hose BeforeHansa Service Hose After 1000+HANSA FLEX - Metal Display

Jun 30


Thank you Hammerstone Corporation


We appreciate the technical team at Hammerstone Corporation for having identified the appropriate uses of Winning Brands’ TrackMoist in their aggregate operations for soil conditioning/dust suppression.  Hammerstone is a multi-faceted natural resource management organization.  It has continued to use TrackMoist beyond the trial period, now making it part of standard operating procedure at Hammerstone for certain applications.

 www.Hammerstonecorp.com.   This picture and accompanying text illustrates Hammerstone expertise at work:



Picture - Hammerstone Website

Picture - Hammerstone Roads


Picture - TrackMoist Package 2014


Jun 29


Thank you ACE Hardware


It was a pleasure to see the official 1000+ Stain Remover rolling merchandising unit installed at the 20,000 sq. ft. ACE Hardware store in Highlands, North Carolina, this week.  It is our first time in ACE with this display.  The custom unit is durable metal and can be rolled easily to different departments in the store, as circumstances warrant.


Picture - 1000+ ACE Highlands NC June 2016


Picture - 1000+ ACE Logo


Picture - 1000+ ACE Highlands Store


Jun 27


TrackMoist and Steel City Riders

We thank the Steel City Riders dirt race track facility in Hamilton, Ontario for now using TrackMoist from Winning Brands to condition the track for various activities.

Picture - TrackMoist - Steel City Riders

May 30


Benjamin Moore Store Says Hello…


We appreciate the photos that store owners occasionally send us of their placement of 1000+ Stain Remover. The local independent stores often take special pride in what they do.  It’s no wonder that 80% of the dollar volume and 90% of the store front locations in the home improvement industry still belong to independently owned local stores.  They care in a way that chains have difficulty accomplishing.  It’s fun receiving these greetings from our product friends!


Benjamin Moore - Sioux City IA

May 29


Distributor to Handicraft Boutiques and Home Decor


We invite independent boutiques for handicrafts, gifts and hobbies to discover the excellent service and enthusiasm of www.StargazerOriginals.com.  Stargazers will now be able to supply its retail accounts across Canada with the 12-pack merchandising cube of 1000+ Stain Remover, shown below.  Stargazer Originals operates from a 13,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Mississauga and services all delivery points in Canada.


Stargazer Originals Wholesale


US - 1000+ Shelf Pack

May 18


Why this is a beautiful picture….


An independent brand faces an uphill effort to gain shelf space, keep shelf space and generate product turns within shelf space.  This recent photo from a hardware store is actually a beautiful sight, from a business point of view.  It shows our 1000+ Stain Remover brand on the shelf with leading industry peers, but our brand is the only one with a vacant facing.  This means that one of our two rows was sold-out before replenishment stock arrived.  It’s counter-intuitive, but this sends a positive signal to a retailer.  It means that they should increase their inventory level for the store, or frequency of re-orders.


Home Hardware May 2016


May 16


Welcome Foodland Stores


The list of stores carrying 1000+ Stain Remover evolves for reasons that are common to all brands.  These include distributor arrangements, store plan-o-gram resets, new buyers, mergers, etc.  We are pleased to announce new stores from time to time in order to retain consumer access to 1000+ as conveniently as possible in the USA, Canada and internationally. Most of these additions appear on our Facebook Community: www.Facebook.com/1000PlusStainRemover

For today, this announcement:


We are pleased to give a great big hello to the FOODLAND group of stores, in which several are now carrying 1000+ Stain Remover. Foodland has approximately 200 locations, and is a division of Sobey’s – Canada’s second largest food retailer with approximately 1,500 locations under various banners.

In coming days, we will be providing specific location announcements. If you are a consumer and have a Foodland near you, feel free to ask your Store Manager to consider joining other locations in the chain that are coming aboard.


Picture - Stores - Foodland Corporate

May 06


It’s Skunk Season Again! Winning Brands has the answer.

May 06


KIND Laundry Products Social Media


We appreciate the momentum building with Motherease Cloth Diapers in the social media campaign for our KIND Laundry Products.  This activity necessitated a replenishment delivery of inventory.  For people not familiar with our KIND brand, a brief overview is shown below.


KIND Products in Overview


Delivery to Mother Ease May 2016




May 06


Thank you Flying Dutchman Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning!


It is always a pleasure to meet face-to-face with longstanding and loyal customers.  We had the pleasure of meeting a fan of our legacy brand “Laundry Miracle” yesterday during a delivery.  Flying Dutchman Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning needed a 50 gallon replenishment.  They love the extra-measure of cleanliness that it provides to their upholstery and area carpet cleaning projects.

It was interesting to see the method used to hang the carpets for drying after cleaning.  We are delighted that our Laundry Miracle is helping to bring freshness to the homes of the Flying Dutchman’s customers.


Laundry Miracle - Nikka - May 2016 - Rescaled

In Use at Flying Dutchman

May 01


Are you U.S. Navy Personnel? Ask for 1000+ Stain Remover at NEX


The U.S. Navy Exchange Command (NEXCOM/NAVSUP) has replenished their supply of 1000+ Stain Remover available at 7 U.S. military depots overseas via NEX stores in the Pacific, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern theater of operations. You are invited to ask at your applicable overseas NEX facility!

Department: 836
Item: 9498791

Picture - NEX Logo


Apr 29


Testimonial for TrackMoist from Winning Brands

We appreciate the kind thoughts received today from the largest covered remote control track in the world.  Located in Texas, the Thornhill Racing Circuit praised the effectiveness of TrackMoist soil conditioner and dust suppressant.  They also shared this photo taken after treatment of the track with TrackMoist.  The website is http://www.thornhillrc.com/


Picture - TrackMoist Testimonial Thornhill RC, Hutton Texas Apr 2016


Picture - TrackMoist Package 2014


Apr 26


Walmart USA Online Ordering Now Available for 1000+ Stain Remover

1000+ Stain Remover can now be ordered online in the USA at Walmart.  We will work to improve convenience for consumers in this platform by striving to add the free store pick-up option and “free-shipping with minimum purchase” arrangements in due course.  Activation of the online listing is a good first step, including receipt of the first online review.   Having been accepted into this platform provides product fans with an additional supplier option for 1000+ Stain Remover, will increase exposure of the brand to others and increases opportunities generally.

Live link to Order Page: http://www.walmart.com/search/?query=1000%2B+Stain+Remover

Picture - Walmart USA Online

Apr 19


KIND Laundry Products Facebook


Winning Brands is pleased to have opened the KIND Laundry Products Facebook page as a place in which product fans will be able to share thoughts in the future.


Picture - KIND Laundry Products Facebook


KIND - Youngsters Behind our Mission

Apr 12


Auto Detailing – Perfect Use for 1000+ Stain Remover

Good to see this re-order from busy auto-detailing facility for versatile 1000+ Stain Remover in commercial size containers.  1000+ is easy to use in and around vehicles against all kinds of messes.

Picture - 1000+ at Auto Detailing Apr 2016

Apr 08


Thank you, Miele Limited


It is good to see that the 60L version of BRILLIANT Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent from Winning Brands is being reordered by professional garment cleaning establishments to support their “Wash & Fold” operations.  This is a delivery being processed today at the Miele Limited distribution facility.


Brillaint - 20L Cubs Heavy Duty Detergent - Delivery April 8 2016

Feb 14


General Update for Stakeholders

Here are further thoughts about the positive course we are charting for Winning Brands.

Over the past several years Winning Brands has formed good relationships with distributors and service providers.  These teams know and like our proprietary products very well and are familiar with our commercial customers.   We have been exploring with these allies the possibility of expanding  their role to become responsible for Winning Brands sales management and product fulfillment.

These allies have a broader account base over which to distribute the overhead costs that are associated with these functions, while also having suitable infrastructure to help grow our brands with enthusiasm.

In the adjusted model, Winning Brands would perform a supportive role but would not need to carry a duplicate infrastructure.  Winning Brands would therefore experience substantial cost savings, including personnel.

Continuous cost reductions have been a feature of Winning Brands annual financial reports for several years and are a source of pride because they are difficult to achieve.  After this additional efficiency is introduced, Winning Brands may be able to achieve net profits for the benefit of stakeholders.  Operating profit would enable Winning Brands to do two key positive things; reduce debt and improve stock liquidity.  The key factor needed in order for this arrangement  to benefit Winning Brands stakeholders is that the sales and fulfillment partners would need to be genuinely enthusiastic about growing our proprietary brands to their considerable potential.  The choice of partners has therefore been carefully considered in planning this approach.

After implementation, my primary responsibility within Winning Brands would be its public administration, such as the public reporting that will continue through filings of various kinds.  When filings resume, Winning Brands Current Information Tier will return and this CEO Weblog will continue to provide highlights of new developments. The outcomes of this adjusted operating model would be to have our brands enjoy new horizons with the new sales and fulfillment team with reduced costs to achieve profitability.  Winning Brands will continue to own its intellectual property, trademarks, etc.  There is no sale of assets in the adjusted business model.

Beyond my modified responsibilities at Winning Brands, I will identify joint venture opportunities in the realm of new products and services that will be separately funded and will operate outside of Winning Brands cost structure rather than drawing on Winning Brands resources.   This would ensure that Winning Brands stakeholders have the full financial benefit of Winning Brands’ improved profitability.

The arrangement is “win-win”.  Winning Brands stakeholders can look forward to new successes for their brands in a new alliance with business allies, while those allies gain new sales opportunities with Winning Brands’ proprietary brands.   This fresh thinking addresses the company’s current circumstances and opportunities realistically.

Implementation of this  plan requires completion of negotiations and operating details. The plan will be described in the 2015 financial statements which will be filed with OTC Markets in due course,  which filings will also restore the Current Information Tier.


Jan 30


Merchandising Tools


We also thank a shareholder for correspondence in which a picture was taken of the Shelf Card describing 1000+ Stain Remover at this location.  The card is a laminated presentation describing product features.  We are honoured that the store has chosen to highlight our 1000+ Stain Remover with this semi-permanent shelf merchandiser.  This location is part of the Canadian Tire organization, considered by some measures to be Canada’s largest retail chain, with 90% of Canadians living within a 15 minute drive.


Canadian Tire Shelf Merchandising 1000+ Stain Remover Jan 2016


Jan 30


Walmart In-Store Photo (1000+ Stain Remover)


Thank you to a shareholder who spotted our 1000+ Stain Remover in a Walmart store near them.


Picture - 1000 Plus at Walmart Jan 2016

Jan 21


OTC Update

I thank our stakeholders for their patience as we address the delays in the re-acquisition of the Current Information Tier.   We had been delayed for a number of months.

We are working on two things that are related.  Restoration of the Current Information Tier is one aspect of what will occur.  The second is that the firm will be implementing a dramatically improved cost structure during 2016 so that the company’s break-even point will be brought to the most attainable level ever.  This requires negotiation with various parties and putting several things into place that fit together in a coherent manner.  Rather than deal with these in a piece meal fashion, we are combining these elements into a comprehensive solution.

Winning Brands has shown tenacity through the years to persevere on a mission that matters.  This determination to reach our goals will become evident in the arrangements that will come into place this year.

I remain available to answer shareholder questions, as always.


Eric Lehner

Jan 21


Store Scene from Shareholder


Thank you to the Winning Brands shareholder who sent us these photos of 1000+ Stain Remover at the Paint Counter in a Lowe’s Store this week.  Close-up and wide view for context.


Picture - 1000+ at Lowes Shareholder B



Picture - 1000+ Lowes Shareholder C

Dec 06


Warm Welcome at Lowe’s


I had a nice personal experience yesterday to share.

Visiting a Canadian Lowe’s store on an errand this weekend,   I noticed a lonely looking bottle of 1000+ Stain Remover on the store shelf in the Paint Department.  I went to the Duty Manager for the department.  I explained that I was with the company that supplies 1000+ Stain Remover to Lowe’s and was concerned about the single bottle available for consumers.    The moment that the Lowe’s associate  learned that I was with Winning Brands and 1000+ Stain Remover a huge smile broke out over her face and she proceeded to tell me how much she loved the product, with real enthusiasm.

Then, her colleague came by and added that they use 1000+ in the department to quickly deal with the paint tint messes when they (inevitably) occur.  To prove his point, the colleague took me to the Paint Department work station and opened the cabinet doors to reveal their own bottle of 1000+ Stain Remover sitting within easy reach. Store staff have access to a wide selection.  It is a compliment that they have chosen our product for their own use.  (The tall spray bottle has 1000+ also, mixed with water).

After thanking them for those kind thoughts about 1000+,  I returned to the subject of being concerned that there was only one bottle on the shelf.   The  Duty Manager looked on their computer and saw that they had already placed a replenishment order because the product was nearly sold out and would be receiving inventory soon..   They have regular customers who ask for the product by name.

That was a nice moment and a warm welcome, all in one.


Photo: 1000+ Stain Remover on shelf at Lowe’s nearly sold-out

Picture - Lowe's More on Order



Photo:  ”Tips of the Trade”;  1000+ Stain Remover at workstation at home improvement retailer for own use.
(The tall spray bottle also contains 1000+ in a diluted mixture for general wipe downs)

Picture - 1000+ in the cabinet at Paint Department




Dec 03


Fire Safety Clean-up At Guelph Fire Department


Winning Brands is honoured to now include the Guelph Fire Department as a facility in which its ReGUARD4™ Bunker Gear Cleaner is on site.  www.ReGUARD4.com


Picture - Guelph Fire Department


Picture - ReGUARD Before After

Dec 02


Thank you Home Hardware


Visibility of 1000+ Stain Remover on the store shelf varies between retail chains, and even between individual stores within a chain.  It was a pleasure to discover the generous shelf space provided to Winning Brands in this outlet of the Home Hardware chain this week.   Retailers adjust their product facings and listings regularly as plan-o-grams evolve.    Shelf space is coveted.  Gaining any presence is an accomplishment – anything above a single facing is a bonus.

The mission of 1000+ Stain Remover is to become a household name coast-to-coast in North America, and earn product friendships in other countries too.

Home Hardware is the Canadian operating partner of America’s Do-it-Best hardware cooperative.

“Privately-held Home Hardware, a co-operative of owners of 1,060 stores with more than $5.4-billion in annual sales, has managed to gain market share in the $40.7-billion Canadian sector over past years and remain a significant player, according to data from trade publication and consultancy Hardlines. The retailer ranks a close third in sales to Rona and Home Depot.”  (Source: Marina Strauss, Retailing Reporter, The Globe & Mail Newspaper)


Picture - Home Hardware Shelf Dec 2015

Nov 25


Investment Communication – Update


Winning Brands will not be proceeding with the engagement of a 3rd party investment communication consultancy until 2016 plans are announced.


Nov 23


Financial Statements and OTC Update

The statements for the 9-months ending September 30, 2015 required for the restoration of the Current Information Tier are being worked on presently and may be filed in early 2016 including Q4.

Nov 23


WNBD shares now trade as easily in Canada as USA


Scotiabank iTrade has become an online investment platform by which Canadians can now trade WNBD.  
CANADA:   http://www.scotiabank.com/itrade/en/0,,3527,00.html



Picture - Scotia iTrade



A convenient online platform in the USA for WNBD trading is eTrade.
UNITED STATES: https://us.etrade.com/home 

Picture - eTrade

Nov 13


Thank you, Mother Ease Diapers!


Mother Ease, the respected producers of cloth diapers for young mothers in USA and Canada (and beyond), continues to support the use of  KIND™ and  Laundry Miracle™ brand laundry solutions from Winning Brands.

Mother Ease is introducing free North American shipping for orders over $50.  As a result, the largest KIND™ size, which delivers 128 loads, has been gaining new fans as young mothers try it for the first time. The large format bottles are shown in the photo below taken November 12, 2015 at a Mother Ease Shipping Station, where orders are assembled.

KIND™ Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener and Stain Remover are especially well tolerated by people with sensitive skin, including babies!


Reviews by Mother Ease Customers:

Picture - KIND - Review Erin Picture - KIND - Review Judith

The founder of Mother Ease is Erika Froese.

Picture - KIND - Mother Ease FounderMother Ease Website Link


Picture - KIND Shipments by MotherEase

These bottles are from a delivery to Mother Ease Cloth Diapers November 12, 2015, at a shipping station where orders are assembled for the mail order business.  

Mother Ease serves customers primarily in USA and Canada, but is now expanding internationally.



Nov 04


BRILLIANT™ goes into service at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


We thank Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre for adding BRILLIANT™ product line elements to its some of its service procedures.  Sunnybrook is a respected medical institution, known internationally.

Overview: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunnybrook_Health_Sciences_Centre


Picture - Sunnybrook

Nov 02


BRILLIANT™ Welcomes Gellibrand Cleaners

We are delighted that products in the BRILLIANT™ professional wetcleaning line from Winning Brands have now become part of the service team at Gellibrand Cleaners of Alberta.
Picture - BRILLIANT Gellibrand

Oct 30


BRILLIANT™ Wet Cleaning Solutions now at leading dry cleaner in Edmonton; The Press Gallery


We are pleased to add the premier garment care operation,The Press Gallery of Edmonton, to our family of customers using BRILLIANT™ professional wet cleaning solutions, from Winning Brands.

The Press Gallery has garnered remarkable accolades in their community and are well known locally.

The Press Gallery:  www.pressgallery.ca

Picture - BRILLIANT - The Press Gallery

Oct 21


Thank you for the upgrades, InnStyle

We appreciate the new initiatives at hospitality supply distributor www.InnStyle.com to give 1000+ Stain Remover a bolder presence in their marketing going forward, of which refreshed website visuals is only one element.

Picture - 1000Plus Upgrades at InnStyle

Oct 20


Arbutus Cleaners of Vancouver Uses BRILLIANT™ Laundry Solutions from Winning Brands

We are pleased that Vancouver’s respected Arbutus Cleaners has added BRILLIANT™ professional wet cleaning products from Winning Brands to their process.

Picture - BRILLIANT - Arbutus Cleaners

Oct 13


BRILLIANT™ Laundry Solutions Welcomes “The Laundry Lounge” in Downtown Toronto

We have been adding new sites where BRILLIANT™ Laundry Solutions are in use.  More updates will follow. Here is an example of a downtown BRILLIANT™  location in Toronto, The Laundry Lounge.  There is a wide range of establishment types in the industry.  The BRILLIANT™ product line from Winning Brands is flexible enough to fit into a variety of settings.

Picture - BRILLIANT - The Laundry Lounge

Oct 13


OTC Markets

It is the objective of the company to achieve a return to Current Information tier within the next 30 days.

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