Welcome to the corporate website of Winning Brands Corporation. This website is primarily of interest to the Winning Brands investment community. For the dedicated product website of 1000+ Stain Remover, (the new name for Winning Colours), the lead product of Winning Brands, an informative and helpful consumer/retailer website has been created for you at the follow location: We invite you to that location for product information.

Winning Brands Corporate Introduction

Winning Brands manufactures advanced cleaning solutions to give consumers positive choices for a cleaner world.

Winning Brands solutions are kind to skin and less harsh in the environment than traditional cleansers. Despite this gentleness, they still perform as well or better than many more familiar national brands in the USA and internationally. The result of Winning Brands’ work is a portfolio of consumer and industrial cleaning products that have strong growth potential in the USA and other countries. In the opinion of management, Winning Brands products have characteristics indicative of “category favourite” calibre potential.

Winning Brands is a non-reporting public issuer. This means that its shares can be purchased and traded on a limited basis in the over-the-counter environment by the trading symbol WNBD. These shares are currently exempt from registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Although adequate current information is provided through filings at, by the standards and guidelines of OTC Markets, Winning Brands is not a suitable investment for most investors. This is because the company’s operations are in their formative stages and the uncertainty associated with this phase of development is not appropriate for most investors, whose risk tolerance is in the average range. More detailed information is available on the Investor Page of this website’s navigation bar Only very sophisticated, accredited investors are candidates to participate in the ownership of the company, through these shares, at this time.

It is not clear if and when registration of the company’s securities with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and/or the Ontario Securities Commission and/or other appropriate Canadian or international jurisdiction will take place.

This highly enterprising company, despite its fine products and sound business plans for future growth, is not a good investment choice for the majority of conventional private investors whose portfolios are the basis of retirement plans or any goal other than pure speculation in the highest risk category. The purpose of this website is to provide information of interest to the community of Winning Brands investors whose risk tolerance, investment sophistication, and other measures of exceptional personal decision making ability leave them in the very small minority of persons for whom participation in the ownership of this company is appropriate.

Eric Lehner, CEO
Winning Brands

Date of the up-date :October 3, 2011

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